Our history is rooted in Corbières


Grandfather Artist

George-Daniel de Monfreid (1856-1929)

Impressionist, neo-impressionist, and art collector, George-Daniel was the confidant of the famous Gauguin after being his student.

A great-uncle Aviator

Hubert Latham (1883-1912)

A renowned aviator with notorious recklessness, Hubert is known for his attempt to cross the English Channel and his near success before Louis Bleriot’s achieved it.

Grandfather Adventurer

Henry de Monfreid (1879-1974)

Adventurer, explorer, and writer from the Corbieres, Henry is famous for his navigation on the shores of the Red Sea, where he found great inspiration on board the famous dhow the Altair.

Discover the Region in the footsteps of Henry

The official website of Henry Monfreid

A father Farmer

François Latham (1910 – 1998)

Landowner in the region of Béziers, François cultivated fruits and vines.
It is because François and his love of the earth that the twin passion of Latham is born: to know the wine and the land of the Corbières.

Eric & Sylvie Latham :

Lovers of Africa and the pioneers in Asia

Eric & Sylvie Latham, the current owners, have spent much of their lives in Ivory Coastto exporting cocoa and coffee, a period punctuated by frequent round-trips in the beautiful and bewitching Corbieres. They decided to take root and make great wines and to eventually sell their delicate wines in China, well before anyone else.


An attachement to the Corbières


Achat du Château de Saint-Estève

This charming property of 55 hectares is located in the  Thézan-des-Corbieres area, between Narbonne and Carcassonne. The history of the castle is rich: during some periods, it is part of the Castle Donos, a gift from Charlemagne-Lord of the eighth century, to his knight for going to repel the Saracens, and during other periods it is a religious heritage attached to the famous Cistercian Abbey of Fontfroide (XIIth century) . The monastic atmosphere has given way to a pastoral setting where wine has flowed for over 300 years.


Extension thanks to the Chateau Villerouge Lacremade

The family expands the Domaine with Villerouge Lacremade and its 70 hectares, of which some plots are classified to the level of cru Boutenac. The land there is unique and the old Carignans reign over the area.The tormented land, the wilderness, and the shining sun provides a canvas for  colors and stunning contrasts. AOC Crus , mono grape wines and IGP wines come together to exhibit a great diversity.


Creation of Aromes of Saint-Esteve

To discover the richness and diversity of wines of Corbières, the Lathams  associate with their favourite partners in the form of trading. It can therefore offer a wide range of aromas sought on the mass heights of the Clape, in the hills of Faugères, or the foothills of the Montagne Noire in the appellation of Minervois-La Livinière.

The distinctions over the years…

The victory of Altair

In memory of the inexhaustible dhow grandfather navigator, Altair, the name given to the first prestigious wine of Saint-Esteve, won gold medals at prestigious competitions in Paris and rated in the General Agricultural and Independent Winegrowers’ Competition. Altair also is the brightest star in the constellation of the eagle, the animal symbolizing the Latham family coat of arms.
See the wine presentation sheet

Ganymede’s trophies

The search for perfection is crowned by the gold medals at the Independent Winegrowner Competition and the silver medals at the General Agricultural Competition  for the family’s Boutenac vintage. Ganymede, a name taken from mythology, was abducted by Zeusto to serve wine at the table of the Gods. Zeus takes the form of an eagle to accomplish his plan.The wine collection acquires its full sense of being.
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